Shane Ray
Lake Raccoon July 10, 2016
Who you know!

This is a friend of mine giving some advice

- BTW my friend is the gentleman on the left!

2014 Ohio River top 5 finishers
I was 4th.


Girls and I 2010 Florida
This was practice fishing for 2010 on Lake Indy 3.65lakeindy2010 Madi, Ali and I fishing on spring break 2010 in Lovers Key Bay, FL.
On Lake Indy this one paid me over $200 for progressive fish of the year.
This pictures above are from our 2009 trip to Florida.
As you can see my youngest daughter Ali faired pretty well.
She managed to catch a number of fish including a few sharks.
The biggest one is above. If I could only fish like her!
Madison thanks for the encouragement!

These are two of my 6 fish caught over two days of fishing at Patoka in one of our club tournaments. I was able to bring in 11# in the two days. For me it was beautiful fishing weekend but I’m sure some of the others would not agree.
Ofcourse I had to go with the Joe Cool Dad shirt - thanks to my girls.
Dennis and I on Giest fall of 2009